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It’s hard to keep an American down. We’re used to meeting obstacles head-on and finding ways to overcome anything that stands in our way. We refuse to quit. No matter what life throws at us, we Americans get back up, fighting and pushing our way back into the game. The hardships we encounter can be physical or mental, but we meet them with a fierce attitude, drive, and determination.

FERAL Performance is a brand dedicated to America and the American culture. It embodies the fierce attitude, drive, and determination of our nation to compete, achieve, and succeed. It’s in all of us, and we want to recognize it and celebrate it. FERAL Performance embraces the fact that we love our country and our neighbors. Being a generous and decent person who’s willing to lend a helping hand when needed is at our core. FERAL Performance is who we are as Americans.


When it comes to approaching anything in life, attitude is key in how it will play out. Having a positive attitude when approaching difficulties in life can be a determining factor.

It allows you to see hope in the most challenging situations and helps you cope easier. A positive attitude provides you with inner peace as you take on obstacles. It gives you the energy to tackle anything that comes your way.

 Having a positive attitude can also improve your health by reducing stress, improving relationships, and boosting your energy.


Your personal drive is the urge to keep moving forward, no matter what life throws at you. It propels us forward and allows us to reach our goals.

It’s the motivation in all of us to find success in work, sports, relationships, and life in general. Drive keeps you moving forward regardless of any obstacles that cross your path.

It’s the pursuit of happiness and overcoming failure in the pursuit of that end goal. Drive makes you take responsibility for your own fate by clarifying your goals and the steps you need to take to achieve those goals.


Life isn’t easy. You will have many challenges in your life, and your determination fuels your ability to keep going and moving towards your goals through these challenges.

You may face physical, mental, financial, or emotional challenges along the way, and it will take great courage to push through those challenges. It’s through determination that we persist in the face of failure. It encourages us to be imaginative and creative in reaching our goals.

Determination is the encouragement we give ourselves. It’s the little voice inside of us saying, “you can do it,” even when it seems impossible.


The animal or beast used in our logo is one that makes you stop and think. You may ask what animal or beast does it represent, because it looks like a wolf, coyote, lion, dog, and more, depending on your perspective. That’s intentional because the animal or beast isn’t the same for all of us. That animal or beast is what’s inside you. It’s the attitude, drive, and determination that you bring to the table. FERAL Performance is inside us, and our logo simply represents that animal or beast that gets you through the challenges, obstacles, and failures in life.

Ultimately, we wanted something to celebrate the American attitude, drive, and determination that everyone would recognize and champion. FERAL Performance is that representation, and we hope that when you encounter others in their FERAL apparel, you know that they are celebrating their FERAL spirit and looking for it in others. Embrace your FERAL spirit today!

A lay of the land, from where we stand

Through creating FERAL Performance, I wanted to build a community for every day, red-blooded Americans. It’s easy to turn on the T.V. and be convinced that America is full of hate and negativity, but when I look around that’s not what I see.  I see people who love their country and its culture, people who believe in God, and people who love their neighbors both in spite of and because of, their differences.

I believe that Americans are decent, generous people, who treat others well and lend a helping hand when it’s needed. The media may be portraying a different America, but when I look around, I still believe in the goodness of our country and the people living in it.

If this outlook resonates with you, then welcome home, to FERAL Performance.  Stop by any time for some words of encouragement, some FERAL humor, or just to be reminded that you’re not alone in being proud to be an American, for standing up for your flag, or for being thankful to the men and women who fight for your freedoms.

Take care and God Bless.